It is a time of great upheaval. The Old Gods are dead, destroyed in an apocalyptic war fought over goals beyond mortal comprehension. The land itself now quakes and roars, no longer held in check by powers that have commanded it for eons untold. Mankind, bereft of divine guidance, has fallen to chaos and slaughter. However, the universe cannot abide such a vacuum, and so into the crumbling world, the New Gods are born. You are the first emissary of one of these infant divinities, and you must travel the land as its avatar, quelling the churning earth and sky and bring the word of your god to the masses. Beware however, for other New Gods have been borne as well, and they are covetous creatures who wish to deny the light of the one true lord to mankind.


Proselytize is a turn-based strategy board game for 1-4 players, played on a tile grid of modular hex pieces. Players take on the role of four new gods who are attempting to restore and control a world destroyed by the wars of their predecessors. Players race to quell and conquer the land, and expand their cult by building temples and training followers. Once established, they must battle the other gods for supremacy of the new world.


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Questionable Intent Games is a small indie dev studio based in NYC, specializing in tabletop / RPG games. We're three friends who spent so much time playing and talking about games that we decided to go ahead and make one ourselves.